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Meet Dan Price, Owner of Winning Ways Managment, Inc.

Dan Price, DM, PMP
Dan Price, DM, PMP, owner of Winning Ways Management, Inc.

Where I Met Dan
I first met Dan at a networking group for military service members at the Pikes Perk coffee shop in downtown Colorado Springs.  I was excited because I’d just published my book Out of the Saddle: 9 Steps to Improve Your Horseback Riding and passed a copy around the table for everyone to check out.  Dan suggested we visit as he had already published a few books himself.

What I Really Like About Dan
I took some time to get to know Dan, after our first meeting and found that we had a lot in common.  In addition to being published authors, pilots and entrepreneurs, we both had an interest in public speaking and education.

Dan comes from a small farming town in Nebraska.  His family were farmers and his dad worked for the post office.  Dan was also very involved in the Boy Scouts and achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. Then Dan goes on to mention that his dad was also a pilot and that Dan had flown in his dad’s lap at two years old!  Dan grew up during the Space program so he was primed and ready to join the Air Force and was accepted into the Air Force Academy.   A funny sidenote is that Dan was drafted by the Army while he was still a cadet at the Academy.

Dan had a vast Air Force career first flying B-52 aircraft and said that flying over the North Pole was like being in a black and white environment but the colors were blue and white. Dan was always a teacher in some capacity as a T-41 flight screening instructor pilot and then the officer in charge of a cadet squadron. Dan played a significant part in Desert Storm at SAC HQ.  One interesting aspect of his military career was an introduction to Total Quality Management (TQM). He took this experience and completed a Doctor of Management (DM) program and has taught at several universities to include Colorado Technical University, University of California, Irvine, Pikes Peak Community College and the University of the Rockies.
Dan started his own company, Winning Ways Management, Inc., in 1999.

My Ideal Client…
Dan’s ideal clients are Millennial or Generation Y people (college-aged through about 33 yrs old) who are looking to get started in leadership.  Dan tells a story about an officer who gave a presentation to a crowd of over 100 people.  As the general walked off the stage to a standing ovation, he was shaking his head because the people were so impressed with what the general considered to be management 101.  This inspired Dan to want to share essential techniques, skills and ideas with people interested in leadership that have not gone through any formal training.  Dan likes to connect with his clients on-line as this is so convenient for most people today and this doesn’t limit interactions geographically.

3 SECRETS of my Personal Success
1.  Persistance. Dan applied to the Air Force Academy a year early, then ended up being the 7th alternate before he was accepted.
2.  Ability to get along with people.
3.  Willingness to learn.  Dan pursued his Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate by self-study to make him more attractive for jobs.  This was a significant factor helping him land a six-figure job with MCI.

1 Great Recommendation for the Next Person
Be willing to take a risk and get out of your comfort zone.  He mentioned a survey of senior citizens and one of the consistent biggest regrets seniors had was not taking more risks in business or their relationships.  He asks himself, “What can I do now so that I will have no regrets later?”

My biggest financial question/concern
“You cannot rely on a company to take care of you.  Things change.  When I was 22 I had just graduated from college, gotten married, and was learning to fly airplanes.  My parents had gone through the depression so I was lucky to have learned early about saving money.  In fact I opened my first savings account when I was just 5 years old.  Use your brain to plan ahead for the rainy days.” 

I enjoy meeting with people and learning about their financial desires and challenges.  Please visit my website at or call Tara at             719-210-4242       

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